How to select the best billing software?

Billing is something which if done wrongly, it can ruin your image on your customers and can also raise legal issues. Billing is also required to be efficiently and quickly to make the purchase process much faster and smooth for your customers.
A good quality free billing software should surely help you in creating functional free invoices with a good and government norms compliant design that contain relevant information about the payment procedure, due dates, discounts, work progress and few more important things. This should also help you in keeping a track of your bills generated and the one with payment due from customers.
Let's check few tips which can be helpful in selecting the best billing software for your business.

1. Select the best free Billing Software available for India and Malaysia

Here you need to ensure that you select the best billing software suitable for your business. The billing software you want to buy should have all the features you require for your business required and not just too many not useful features for your business. Also ensure that the free or premium billing software you buy should help you in tracking your bills which is useful in running business smoothly. Free invoices software should not affect the quality of your business methods.

2. Charge your customers carefully

Charging your customers can be a big time issue if you do not stick to your core principles. This means that you can't just do the job for less than the price it deserves. Doing the jobs with underpaid amount brings the wrong type of clients and projects ending up in huge losses. When you grab clients by underbidding is a questionable thing as there is a chance that scammers willing to pay small advance amount and then never pay the remaining amount.

3. Select a free billing software which can adopt your business policies

Charging your customers is not as simple as it seems. Establishing your charges, be it fixed price/hourly or daily, or your payment is collected in cash, a check or by different means should be easy and smooth. Some customers may delay your payment; some might not pay your bills at all incurring bad debts. Your billing software should suit your business needs and should be able to adapt your business style including the payments, due dates, late payment charges or any other billing polices you use in your business.

4. Free invoice software should daily or hourly back up your data

Backing up your billing data is very important as loosing the invoicing data can cause a huge trouble while filing for tax to government departments. Free billing software like Reckon Bill offers daily data back up, so you do not have to bear any hassle of losing data.

5. Share the invoice due data with your customers

Make the late payment occurrences reduced by sharing the invoice due dates with your clients. Invoice software like Reckon bill gives a column in invoices to mention the due date which is very helpful in getting the payments on time. Your paid or free invoice software should have due date column with clear visibility.

6. Never break your business rules

Once you set a payment system and the method of dealing with your customers, stick to it always. Ensure that your invoices are clear and includes what ever customer wants to know. Your invoices reflect your professionalism and can boost sales as well.
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