What am I getting with Reckon Bill for India and Malaysia?

When you install Reckon Bill GST billing software for India and Malaysia, you get a 7-day full feature trial for an awesome billing software experience. Once the trial version expires, you can upgrade to the paid version by making online payment from our website.

Is the Reckon Billing Software license valid for one company only?

Yes, every Reckon billing software license is designed to work for a single company. If you want to add 2nd company, you can buy another Reckon GST billing software license licence for it.
Once you have purchased the 2nd licence, you can use the same software and just the same installed billing software. With a single installation and multiple licenses, you can manage invoices of your multiple business at same place. With Reckon Billing Software India, you will have access to the best billing software solution in Malaysia and India for all your businesses.

How do I use the Reckon invoice software for more than one company?

If you own multiple companies, you can use our smart billing software solutions to generate invoices for all your companies from same place. All you need to do is install our billing software and create a profile for each company you have. You can switch between the multiple company profiles and generate invoices or access reports without having to log out.

Do I have to install all updates of Reckon Billing Software?

Yes, we will notify you whenever an update is available and you must upgrade to the newest version we provide. Reckon Billing Software for India and Malaysia is constantly improving and we are trying to make it more feature rich. This is why we recommend our customers to always keep the latest version of Reckon Billing Software.

Can I use my company logo for generating invoices through Reckon Billing Software?

Of course, you can use your own logo while generating invoices through Reckon Billing Software. You can simply upload it while signing up for Reckon Billing Software or upload your own logo from your company profile section.

Can I customize my invoices?

Yes, you can customize your invoices with Reckon Billing Software. There are many customization options available. Our billing software can remember your preferences so the next time when you use it, your last selections are automatically selected. Moreover, you can also add your custom logo to invoices.

Can I change the logo on my documents?

Yes you can. You just need to access the Company details screen and delete the former logo. Then, upload your new logo and thats it! It's very simple to change logo on Reckon Billing Software.

What type of images can I upload as logo?

Reckon Bill for India and Malaysia is designed to work best with the .jpg, .bmp, .gif, and .png formats with a maximum of 3000*3000 pixels resolution. Having a beautiful logo with your invoices will definitely enhance your reputation on your clients.

What am I getting with Reckon Bill GST ready billing software?

When you download and install Reckon Bill, the one of the best and cheapest gst billing software for India and Malaysia, you get a 7-day full feature trial for an awesome and easy invoicing experience. After completing the trial period or during the trial period you can opt for one year or three year plan at any time. Whenever you upgrade to premium version of Reckon Bill, you will not lose any of your data or invoices created during the trial period.

Is there any updates provided by Reckon Bill?

Of course, we keep providing regular updates with new features and improvements almost every month. Reckon Bill for India is always improving based on the new research on creating the most user friendly billing software and valuable reviews from our customers. It's very important to install all available updates for Reckon Bill to get benefit of the new features and tweaks. Our goal is to become the best billing software for India and Malaysia.

I need to create a purchase order using Reckon Bill. Can I do that?

Yes, you can create purchase orders and even display when you create sales invoices. To create a purchase invoice, you just need to click on "Invoices" tab from top and then select "Purchase Invoice" button.

How do I get a license key for Reckon Bill for India?

During or after free trial, in order to preserve your data and continue using the Reckon Bill software a license key is required. For this, you have to click on "Unlock Premium Version" button from the bottom of the dashboard and make the payment on our website. We will mail you the premium version key, which you can use the activate the premium plans.

How do I add a product/service and it's price details on an invoice when I use Reckon Bill?

You can add a product or service from "products" tab on top or you can also insert a name, a quantity, unit price and tax then press the Add button on the right add the product right from the invoice creation page. When you start creating an invoice and do not have the product saved in Reckon Bill database, you can simply insert a name, a quantity, unit price and tax and press "Save" button to save the product details and then press the Add button on the right end to add that particular product on the invoice. Your product/service will be instantly inserted in the table below. The product will also get saved in the database and made available in the products/services list when you need it's fast access next time in future. Saving your valuable time is one of the core feature which makes Reckon Bill the best billing software in India and Malaysia.

What makes Reckon Bill the best invoice software for India and Malaysia?

A vital distinction between our product and others is it's clean and simple interface. Right from the design phase we focused in creating a user friendly billing software which is easy to use even during the peak business hours. Same like our HR and Payroll software friendHRM (www.friendhrm.com), we have tried to create the most user friendly billing and invoicing software.

Moreover, compared to most other general and costly billing solutions available in India and Malaysia, Reckon Bill offers minimum price with maximum value. It's multiple customization and security features allows you to choose your paper format, multiple color choices of your documents and even select about shipping address and purchase order details should be shown on the invoice or not. You can feel secure Reckon bill as it needs a password to sign in each time.

No more badly edited and ugly looking invoices, no more overloaded dashboards, no more inutile features. We kept it clean, beautiful and efficient!