GST Rates & HSN Code for Vegetable Material for Plaiting, Katha, Betel Leaves, & Products such as Cotton Linters, Coconut Shells, Bidi Wrapper and others.

HSN Code Description Rate (%) CESS (%)
1401 Vegetable materials of a kind used primarily for plaiting (for example, bamboos, rattans, reeds, rushes, osier, raffia, cleaned, bleached or dyed cereal straw, and lime bark) 5
1404 Vegetable products not elsewhere specified or included such as cotton linters, Cotton linters, Soap nuts, Hard seeds, pips, hulls and nuts, of a kind used primarily for carving, coconut shell, unworked, Rudraksha seeds [other than bidi wrapper leaves (tendu), betel leaves, Indian katha] [other than 14049010,14049040,14049050] 5
14049010 Bidi wrapper leaves (tendu) 18
14049040 Betel leaves NIL
14049050 Indian katha 18

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